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Magnum Opus Botanicals is a family-owned and operated business focused on delivering effective, convenient and accessible botanical extracts. We started with the goal of improving well-being and quality of life for our own family, and that passion for health and wellness soon spilled into our community.

We make and sell the same botanical products we use at home, with high manufacturing standards and an uncompromising demand for purity. Our company only sells the highest quality kratom extract and skin care products.

We also place a high value on customer education. We use our extensive experience and background knowledge to answer customer questions about the use of kratom extract or kratom leaf for research and homemade skin care projects.

"We have a genuine belief in the value of using kratom and other botanicals to enhance your daily experience. We want only the finest ingredients for our family, and we make enough to share with yours."

Derrik P.
MO Owner & Founder
Our Mission
Our goal is to provide you with the best kratom products.
Consistent High Quality

Our extract is tested for yeast, mold, coliforms, e coli, salmonella, lead and active alkaloid levels. Typically, our samples measure 45-48% mitragynine content. Our all-natural solvents and reagants grab the full-spectrum of alkaloids in Kratom leaf.

Ongoing Kratom Education

Kratom may have been around for centuries, but researchers have only begun to study kratom benefits and kratom side effects. We stay on top of ongoing legislation and research to help our clients make informed choices.

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All Natural Skin Care

We believe your skin deserves only the best. We start with the finest mitragyna speciosa kratom extract. Then we add all-natural ingredients like nourishing cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, eucalyptus and beeswax. The result looks and smells as good as it feels.

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