It can be hard to find straight answers about kratom products and uses. If you’re unsure about how different products compare and the best ways to use this botanical, you’re not alone. Here we answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

How does Kratom Extract compare to Kratom Leaf?

In standard-quality Kratom Leaf, the alkaloids (active compounds giving Kratom it’s sought-after properties)  make up 2% of the total weight. This percentage can vary from tree to tree.   So working with extract removes that variability and gives you meticulous control over the amount of active compounds (alkaloids) you’d like to work with. We isolate and extract those alkaloids in their pure form. Since many people already have experience working with these compounds in it’s powdered leaf form, they want to know how pure extract compares. If working with standard quality leaf that has 2% alkaloid content, 5g of leaf would contain about 100mg of alkaloids. 

Is Kratom Legal?

In the United States, there’s no law at the national level that regulates buying, selling, possessing, growing or using kratom. Some states have legislation against it, and a few cities and counties have made it illegal.

Right now kratom is legal in all states except Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont and Wisconsin. It is also illegal in Washington D.C., San Diego, CA, Sarasota County, FL and Alton, Il. It is always a good idea to check local regulations first.

Please note MOBotanicals will not ship orders to any areas banning Kratom.

What about MO Kratom products?

Magnum Opus Botanicals has an extensive variety of kratom extract powder, liquid kratom extract tincture, enhanced leaf and kratom skin care products.

Our Pure Extract Alkaloids, when measured in an 100mg increment, equal about 5g of plain Kratom leaf. 100 mg can be weighed out using a milligram scale or approximated with the small, double-ended spoon we provide in your order. The smaller end of the spoon hold 10-15mg of extract powder and the larger end holds 25-30mg.

With our Liquid Kratom Extract Tincture bottles, one full dropper holds about 1mL of tincure.  With our tincture concentrated at 33mg/mL, 3mL is equivalent to the amount of alkaloids present in 5-6g of plain Kratom leaf.

We have taken plain Kratom leaf which naturally contains 2% alkaloids, and infused it with our premium Kratom extract to produce our Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom leaf in 10%, 20% and 30% alkaloid concentrations. So, just 400mg of 30% UEMD contains 120mg of alkaloids, which is the amount naturally present in 6g of regular leaf.

How do I measure Pure Kratom Extract from MO?

100mg can be weighed out using a mg scale (available for purchase) or approximated with the small, double-ended spoon we provide with your order.  The smaller end of the spoon holds 10-15mg of extract powder and the larger end holds 25-30mg. We also have our UEMD and Pure Kratom Alkaloids available pre-measured for individual research projects.

Kratom for my skin?

In Nature, plants create chemical compounds called alkaloids that they use to protect themselves against things like microbes, harsh environmental conditions and to regenerate themselves. They work like an immune system and are key for the plant’s survival.  What if we could harness the power of nature to replenish, protect and rejuvinate our skin? Botanicals contain a huge variety of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants that team up well with the antimicrobial, repairing and anti inflammatory properties of plant alkaloids.  Paired with luxurious butters, essential oils and you end up with quality skincare products, powered by Nature. 

How do I put botanicals in my skincare products?

The best time to add your botanicals and extracts to projects such as hot process soap, is just before you are ready to place your soap in the molds. It’s still soft and blendable, but the saponification process is complete.  Since high levels of heat can degrade alkaloids, the best time is usually in the final stages of handmade skincare projects. Please contact us with any questions, suggestions and we will soon have a blog  with project tips and secrets! 

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