Month: August 2020

Hurricane Laura Relief Efforts

We will match every bar of soap purchased in donations to those affected by the hurricane!


Tragedies often bring communities together in ways that we never thought possible, and we are doing our part to help clean up the mess that was left in Hurricane Laura’s wake. Several organizations within the Texoma area are sending supplies and people to affected areas, and we will be sending what we can with them.

-MOBotanicals Family


The MOBotanicals family would like to thank everyone for their support! We were able to send 168 hand crafted all natural soap bars to the Salvation Army. We understand that 2020 has been interesting and we still have a few months to go, so lets keep the comunity strong and do what we can to help our neighbors.

Update posted 1 October 2020

-MOBotanicals Family

Handmade Blue Lotus Artisan Soap
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